Systems Thinking Theory and Practice


Who and What

I am Kevin Mueller, this is my personal site. I use it to reflect on how an understanding of systems might help us regain personal autonomy in this digital age and—along the way—help us make the workplace better.


A society where we are no longer overwhelmed by information technology and information systems. Where we have a real choice in the tools and services we use, rather than letting a handful of global corporations control the infrastructure and our information with it.


Education. Rather than focusing on acquiring knowledge, we should learn how to think. Even though knowledge remains important, creativity, problem solving and collaboration must play a central role in schools.

We all must better understand the systems we’re in, must work towards understanding the effects of our actions in the context of our surroundings. Regaining control of information systems cannot be delegated to institutions, it is something each of us must work towards.

About Me

Born in 1974 I now live in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland. I work at tbf partner — consulting engineers, on the topics of organizational learning, distance heating and “smart” cities.

In 2021 I held the City of Zurich Innovation Fellowship for self-organized learning, supporting the Higher Technical School for Rescue Professions on their way to a new teaching and learning system.

For many years I was a Business Developer, Product Owner and Consultant at Liip Ltd, a (agile and holocratic) web development agency in Switzerland. There I developed business around learning platforms and systems, exploring how Machine Learning and AI can support learning in the flow of work.

I was also a long-time collaborator of the Swiss artist Uwe Wittwer (in the capacity of artist- and studio manager).

After a fortunate Steiner education in Switzerland and Northern Ireland I became a bookbinder, DJ, promoter, small business owner, studio- and artist manager, web-designer, failed with a software start-up for the art market and keep learning a lot about Free Software, Open Source, humans and the creative tension between business, art and society.

I am a member of Digitale Gesellschaft and have a strong interest in free software, namely Debian - The universal operating system.

Photo (by Raffael Waldner, 2019)